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2020 Fundraiser Guidelines

Note:  All fundraiser money is due at our Meet the Coach/Spring Information Meeting Night on April 2, 2020.  All fundraiser money must be turned in on this night.  Players will not receive their uniform or be allowed to participate until this is taken care of. 

You can choose to do the buyout for $50.00 or sell 10 cards.  The cards sell for $10.00 each.  If you choose to sell the fundraiser cards, you will get 10 cards for your child to sell.  If there are siblings that are signing up living in the same household, each additional child would get 5 cards for a total of 15. 
You are required to sell all 10, or how every many you get (If there are siblings involved). 
If you only sell five, you will still be required to do a partial buyout...
If you have one child that took 10 cards and you.....

Sell 10 you owe 100.00
Sell  9 you owe 95.00 and turn in 1 card
Sell  8 you owe 90.00 and turn in 2 cards
Sell  7 you owe 85.00 and turn in 3 cards
Sell  6 you owe 80.00 and turn in 4 cards
Sell  5 you owe 75.00 and turn in 5 cards
Sell  4 you owe 70.00 and turn in 6 cards
Sell  3 you owe 65.00 and turn in 7 cards
Sell  2 you owe 60.00 and turn in 8 cards
Sell  1 you owe 55.00 and turn in 9 cards
Sell  0 you owe 50.00 for the buyout and turn all 10 cards back in

If you  have 15 cards (sibling involved) it works the same way
Buyout would be $50.00 for 1st child, $25.00 for second child. 

Sell 15 you owe 150.00
Sell 14 you owe 145.00 turn in 1 card
Sell 13 you owe 140.00 turn in 2 cards
Sell 12 you owe 135.00 turn in 3 cards
Sell 11 you owe 130.00 turn in 4 cards
Sell 10 you owe 125.00 turn in 5 cards

Sell 0 you owe 75.00 (50.00 for first child and $25.00 for second child)  for buyout and turn in  all 15 cards

All fundraiser money has to be turned in before player gets his/her uniform and is allowed to participate. 


Penny  Nugent

Penny Nugent

Director of Concessions

Phone: 765-426-9070

2020 Fundraiser Card $10.00 Each